Seoul: Traditional Korean Dishes

Thursday Travels is a new weekly column (yippee!) featuring sights and sounds from my wanderlust adventures. Come, fly with me, and we’ll explore strange cultures, exotic eats and everything in-between.

Just in time for the new column is this last installment of the Seoul series. Because it was a work trip, we didn’t have many opportunities to eat out. But my friend, who is based in Korea, managed to let us try some traditional Korean food that can’t be found easily in Singapore.

This huge plate of chicken and seafood is called Andong Jjimdak, which can easily be shared among 3-4 friends. There are different levels of spiciness to choose from, but we kept it safe for the chili-phobic friend.

It tastes similar to our soy chicken stew, only spicier, and it goes down really well with white rice.

We also headed down to Pajeon Alley, near Kyung Hee University, which is famed for housing numerous pajeon restaurants.

Pajeon is a crispy and savory Korean pancake dish that can be studded with various ingredients (think okonomiyaki). We chose seafood fillings which makes it Haemul Pajeon (bottom left). Another noteworthy dish is Dak-bokkeum (bottom right) which is a spicy and zesty chicken stew.

The Koreans love to drink, so we just had to try the Dongdongju (middle right); a milky and undistilled rice wine that is similar to Makkoli. The only difference, apparently, is the rice grains floating about.

This entire set you see above can easily feed 3-4 hungry people.


Seoul: Godabang Cat Cafe.

A friend of mine, who’s also a cat lover, brought us to this quaint little cat cafe near Konkuk University. And I swear I’ve never seen so many happy and well-groomed cats all together at once!

The entrance fee is a standard 8,000won (about S$9) which includes a drink. I chose hot chocolate and it’s pretty decent. Below is a list of dos and don’ts for guests, illustrated in a comical manner.

I think Scottish Folds (above) have the cutest ears ever. But it took me a little getting used to the Sphynx (below), which I thought resembled a piglet because of its pink skin.

Look at their expressions (!), I wonder what they saw??

There are other cat cafes in Seoul as well, and Godabang is a chain store with several outlets under them. The cafe is clean (doesn’t smell at all) and I think the cats here are, in fact, very fortunate to have people playing with them every day. Cat lovers would definitely love this place!

Godabang Cat Cafe
Near Konkuk University subway station
Open daily 1-10pm

Seoul: Up the Tower.

I’m not a huge fan of korean drama, nor K-POP (for the record), so if left on my own, I probably wouldn’t go up the Seoul Tower to hang padlocks, exchange kisses and litter keys. But having said that, the atmosphere of love and happiness here is nonetheless fuzzy-cuddly-heartwarming.

How sweet, don’t you think? Maybe, just maybe, if I wake up one day coated in gula melaka, we might.

Seoul: In Blossom.

Was in Seoul for work last month when we found ourselves in a beautiful flurry of cherry blossoms. This was my first encounter with cherry blossoms so in my heart I secretly leapt for joy.

It was raining that weekend so I wore a pair of waterproof oxfords from melissa. These shoes are real life savers especially given our tropical climate. Plus, they’re so pretty!

More photos to come, so stay tuned! (: