TLA x Lomography Singapore

Last Christmas, we had the chance to play with Diana F+ and Diana Baby 110 Gold Edition, all thanks to Lomography Singapore. We lit sparklers, roamed the streets of Orchard, and had a lovely brunch at Toby’s Estate. Everyone cooed at how tiny and pretty Diana Baby was, and what a great accessory it would make for parties and gatherings. Indeed, just look at this darling!

The pictures didn’t quite turn out as I’d hoped (due to my own inexperience, really), but it was fun going trigger happy with no idea how it’s gonna turn out. That’s the charm of lomography, isn’t it? Don’t think, just shoot. And all that anticipation leading up to the final reveal can be rather addictive!


Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar

Spent a quiet afternoon reading Yoshida Shuichi’s Park Life at Smitten Coffee, a tiny waterhole along Robertson Quay serving well-pulled coffee.

A close-up of the Piccolo Latte: this particular blend has a strong winey mouthfeel, which can be easily mistaken to be acidic. Every bean and every blend comes with its own set of tastes and textures, so it all boils down to personal preference.

Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar
The Quayside, 60 Robertson Quay, #01-11, S(238252)
Open Mon, Wed & Thu: 10am-10pm, Fri: 10am-11pm, Sat: 9am-11pm, Sun: 9am-9pm.

Of flowers and clients.

Sorry for skipping columns lately. Work has been crazy. Every now and then in our line of work, we’d need to work overtime for days on. No matter if it’s your mum’s birthday or your dog is ill.

At one point in time, the team was worried sick that the ad wouldn’t be in the papers the next day. Imagine reading “With compliments, from XXX” in large print, italicized across where your ad should be. Argh. Dear clients, please stop throwing in last minute changes lest your ad won’t even be printed!

Anyway, here’s a picture of some flowers taken at Robertson Quay. Love how the petals appear translucent against the sun. Have a great week ahead!

All Good Things.

Just two doors down from Kith is a Japanese-inspired bake shop serving humble, unpretentious pastries. A comforting recess from cakes that are trying too hard to be pretty.

Had a souffle cheesecake — light-textured with a swing of lemon.

The iced latte was well-roasted, strong and nutty.

A homely lil hideout, great for quiet solitudes, or small groups due to its limited seating.

All Good Things
7 Rodyk St, #01-30, S(238215)
Open Wed-Mon: 1230pm-8pm

Toby’s Estate.

Toby’s Estate at Robertson Quay is the Australian gourmet chain’s first overseas outlet. Believing in fair trade, Toby scours the world for fresh, high quality coffee beans (and tea leaves) direct from the farmers. So don’t be surprised to see single origin beans that aren’t found elsewhere.

Coffee Trails, written by the man himself, recounts an amazing journey across the globe in search for the world’s best coffee. Browsing copies are available for in-house reading.

Order a cup of manually brewed coffee under their Lab series and it comes along with a friendly barista demonstrating the brewing process. I think it’s part of the caffeine therapy process. Had a Costa Rica and it was very smooth, with lingering notes of chocolate and warming spice.

Probably one of the best places in Singapore to enjoy a cup of black joe.

Toby’s Estate
8 Rodyk St, #01-03/04, S(238216)
Open 7am-6pm daily