Tea Bone Zen Mind

Having tried wine pairing and coffee pairing, it’s now time for tea to take center stage. And our visit to Tea Bone Zen Mind was truly an eye-opening experience.

Tea sampling sessions are priced at $38/pax, by appointment only. Serving three rounds of tea and snacks, visitors are encouraged to spend at least 3 hours here, as tea is best when enjoyed slowly.

Is this tea? That was our first question as cocktail glasses were served alongside a tall shot of Bacardi Rum. That’s right. We are to spike our plum tea as we liked. And the result was perfect: smooth and subtle, accentuating the sweetness of sour plum.

The second set of tea was a traditional pot of Long Jing (龍井), served together with a few side dishes and Chinese tea eggs. It was probably the best tea egg I’ve ever had.

Instead of boiling the eggs in herbal tea for hours on end, these eggs were medium-boiled and then soaked overnight in herbal tea, much like the Japanese way of making soy sauce eggs. That’s probably why the egg was fresh and flavorful while the yolk remained soft and flowy.

The third pot of tea was Lavender Pu’Erh, which is good for lowering cholesterol levels. Those dainty bunny pastries, filled with white lotus paste and a shave of orange zest, were introduced to us as the Japanese version of our Chinese mooncakes.

What’s really interesting about TBZM is that the menu changes every few months, according to the mood of each season. It’s autumn now, which was why we were served mooncakes. But I do hope those tea eggs are served all year round, because I’d definitely be back again next season.

Tea Bone Zen Mind
20 Hoot Kiam Road
Open Mon-Sat: 11am-7pm
Tea sessions are by appointment only. Call 6334 4212 at least one day in advance.


Five & Dime.

Five & Dime is a new restaurant along River Valley Road which serves comfort food that’s perfect for that rainy Sunday morning.

But what caught my attention first is its clean and holistic branding done by Bravo Company. Lovely, ain’t it? Makes me wanna order takeaway coffee just for that cup.

//via Bravo

The staff are attentive and chirpy, while the environment is cosy and unpretentious. I had a lovely window seat to people-watch and to gnaw at my scheduled reading.

I’m not an expert in coffee, but this is smooth, strong and good for me.

The first time I’ve seen a blueberry muffin split in half, toasted and served with butter slices. So sinfully soft, buttery and crumbly. Omnomnomnom.

Felt that the Mentaiko Pasta needs another pump of sauce for the oomph. But the chicken yakitori is so deliciously wicked, with alternating layers of meat and fatty skin for extra succulence. Comfort food indeed.

I’d be doomed for fatness should I reside nearby. A happy fatty nonetheless, haha!

Five & Dime
297 River Valley Road S(238338)
Open Mon-Fri: 12pm-12mn, Sat: 10am-12mn, Sun: 10am-10pm
Last orders for lunch at 230pm; dinner at 930pm.