Sophie Bakery

X and I love our breads so much that we tootled along to Sophie Bakery at lunchtime without batting an eyelid. My favorites are the croissant and the cheese bun.

Sophie Bakery
167-169 Telok Ayer Street, S(068618)
Open Mon-Fri: 730am-8pm, Sat-Sun: 730am-5pm



Move over, McDonald’s, ‘cos the real happy meal is here. I swear, this slice of chocolate cake can trigger enough endorphins to drive a nestful of ants absolutely nuts. Barely two forkfuls later, I stopped counting calories and started babbling in oohs and aahs. Though X and I both agreed that the beverages at Patisserie G had more oomph, spending quiet hours in this sunbathed environment was quite a relish.

179a Telok Ayer Street S(068627)
Open Mon-Fri: 12pm-7pm, Sat: 12pm-4pm


Sarnies is a tiny cafe along Telok Ayer Street which largely caters to hungry working crowds. But it definitely deserves special mention for serving what is probably the best bagels in Singapore. Now, we’re talking.

Brewed using coffee beans from Papa Palheta, the cappuccino (above) was smooth and intense with distinctive chocolate notes.

And then I ate the most amazing bagel ever in Singapore — a smoked salmon onion bagel (below). Baked by Mama Bagels, those awkward-looking bagels are so deliciously chewy. Available in cinnamon raisin, onion, sesame seed and chia seed, they’re probably the closest thing to authentic ones in NY.

Service was prompt and the staff were very friendly. Great for rush hour takeaways too!

136 Telok Ayer St., S(068601)
Open daily 730am-5pm, till late on Wed-Fri

天府茶藝館|Tian Fu Tea Room.

Perched 60-story high, the bird’s eye view at Tian Fu Tea Room is pretty amazing. The serenity of the teahouse, paired with delicate Chinese tea and dainty nibbles, makes life seem much more livable.

We played around with what’s real, and what’s realistic.

Three types of tea are included in the set. I personally prefer the first — it’s light floral fragrance is very refreshing and calming.

While the food wasn’t much of a rave, it was quite a variety. Best enjoyed slowly, in between frequent sips of tea and scenery.

Have you noticed these Chinese translations in the carpark?

Tian Fu Tea Room
80 Raffles Place, #60-01, UOB Plaza 1, S(048624)
Open 1130am-1030pm daily