Maple & Market

Sarah from Sarah’s Loft has recently opened a new bakery. We’re huge fans of hers; she baked X’s chocolate fudge cake and my salted caramel popcorn cake for our birthdays and everybody loved them. Plus, Maple & Market serves tea from Tea Bone Zen Mind, and their stash of party ware looks perfect for a picnic in the park.

Maple & Market
34 Cassia Cresent, #01-82, S(390034)
Open Mon: 12pm – 10pm, Wed – Fri: 12pm – 10pm, Sat: 10am – 10pm, Sun: 10am – 6pm


Pen, paper, adventure.

Sunny-Side-Up is a new weekly column celebrating clear blue skies, fancy bookmarks and the snooze button. In other words, expect book/film reviews, DIY crafts and easy recipes for a lovely weekend.

We were exploring Goodman Arts Centre when we spotted these tables and benches wearing pretty blue socks. A lovely place to settle down as we penned our next adventure — can’t wait for it to happen!

Handling secretarial chores for the day was my trusty planner, simplistically put together using materials from Loft. I love how it’s customizable to suit my jotting/doodling/scribbling needs.

The wooden book cover from Supermama was made using real wood which is why the grain pattern on each sleeve is so unique. Love it!

Goodman Arts Centre
90 Goodman Road, S(439053)

30A Seah Street, S(188368)
Open Mon-Sat: 12pm-9pm, Sun: 12pm-7pm

Cafe Melba

Opened for less than a month, Cafe Melba is a new bistro by Tadcaster Hospitality. We wanted a quiet place (+free wifi) to iron out our travel plans, so we certainly didn’t expect the cafe to transform into a giant family playground during weekends. But any noise was good noise because nothing cheers up a rainy Saturday like the sounds of happy children running carefree.

I was happy with my Eggs Benedict — perfectly poached free-range eggs atop home-cured bacon and toasted english muffins. Breakfast on weekends are also served with complimentary orange juice/coffee.

We loved the croissant too — soft, buttery and flaky. Can I have another one please?

The service may be a little patchy but we met with a friendly waitress who made sure everything’s alright.

Cafe Melba
90 Goodman Road, Goodman Arts Centre, S(439053)
Open Mon-Fri: 10am-10pm, Sat-Sun & Public Holidays: 830am-10pm




月眠藝術中心 (Goodman Arts Centre), 90 Goodman Road #04-05 Blk B
Open Tue-Sun: 11am-5pm

Noise Singapore: Public Garden.

Despite the slight rain, I was pretty psyched up about the Public Garden flea last Saturday, because I’m finally gonna meet some of my favorite local crafters while munching on freshly baked goodies, yays!

Charming and customizable notebooks and totes from Teasecups. I bagged one of their terrariums for a very decent price.

Kariton recycles old phone directories into nifty notebooks covers, very clever indeed.

Simply couldn’t resist one of these adorable kittykats from Teaspoon Vintage.

Supermama was there too. Pop by their brick and motar shop along Seah Street.

Casual Days is a new indie magazine published by the Casual Poet Culture. It’s now my bedtime read — to wander into someone else’s written thoughts is surprisingly liberating.

Have always been a huge fan of Cookie Cutter‘s hand-sewn plushies.

And I fell in love almost instantly with Mr. Cloud.

Stirring the wanderlust monster is The Occasional Traveller with their various travel supplements.

Had a brownie + vanilla fudge cupcake from Plain Vanilla. Found the cream topping way too sweet for our liking, which perhaps the sweeter tooth may enjoy.

Finally got to try some yummy goodies from Sadie Rose, and got rewarded with a moustache cookie for reading Sarah’s Loft. Whee!

Other events by Noise Singapore will be happening from now till 4 March. And don’t forget to bookmark Public Garden for their upcoming fleas. ♥♥