Nirai Kanai Okinawan Restaurant

Tucked away in one corner of Liang Court, Nirai Kanai Okinawan Restaurant serves authentic okinawan dishes with unassuming nostalgia. We love: simmered pork belly, okinawan seasoned rice onigiri and seaweed tempura. But there are so many other dishes on the menu, one visit simply wouldn’t justify.

Nirai Kanai Okinawan Restaurant
177 River Valley Road, #B1-01/02, Liang Court Shopping Centre
Open Mon-Fri: 12pm-3pm, 6pm-11pm, Sat-Sun: 12pm-11pm


The Fabulous Baker Boy

Named after the American film “The Fabulous Baker Boys”, albeit in notable singularity, (oops, Juwanda has kindly clarified that the name has nothing to do with the film) this new cafe resides within the Viridian Art House, just opposite Liang Court, where the former River Valley Swimming Pool used to be.

In Singapore, we’re often cooped up in stale, air-conditioned environments, so sunlight and fresh air in the sheltered alfresco seating area was a refreshing change.

My latte (above), probably a double-shot, was strong, smooth and nutty with low acidity — pretty much just the way I liked my coffee to be.

Meanwhile, we shared a plate of Tuna Melts (below) (read: tuna, cheese and caramelized onions atop baked-to-crisp baguette slices). The flavors were delicately balanced — very satisfying for a mid-day tapas.

Brought the Kerouac out for a warm-up before her first overseas trip next month — I’m getting pretty stoked about that!

The Fabulous Baker Boy is my new found love, comfortably stashed away from prying crowds. Shall be back soon for more coffee and desserts!

The Fabulous Baker Boy
The Foothills, 70 River Valley Road, #01-15, S(179037)
Open Tue-Sat: 1145am-9pm, Sun: 10am-5pm

Public Garden at MICA

I really enjoy exploring the Public Garden fleas and chatting with independent small business owners about crafts, travel and anything under the sun. Here are some of the stalls that participated in the recent flea at MICA building.

Nostalgic finds at wheniwasfour. Psst, I love that chalkboard notebook!

A little red hooded deer was spotted at Roccoco Kent.

Look at these unique potteries, handcrafted by I Spot A Potter.

One of my favorite stalls that day was dddots by Adelene. Especially loved the handprinted singlish notebooks, of which I’ve gladly bagged “wah lau eh” as a handy travel journal.

For future updates on Public Garden fleas, do bookmark their website or like them on facebook.

Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar

Spent a quiet afternoon reading Yoshida Shuichi’s Park Life at Smitten Coffee, a tiny waterhole along Robertson Quay serving well-pulled coffee.

A close-up of the Piccolo Latte: this particular blend has a strong winey mouthfeel, which can be easily mistaken to be acidic. Every bean and every blend comes with its own set of tastes and textures, so it all boils down to personal preference.

Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar
The Quayside, 60 Robertson Quay, #01-11, S(238252)
Open Mon, Wed & Thu: 10am-10pm, Fri: 10am-11pm, Sat: 9am-11pm, Sun: 9am-9pm.