Singapore Biennale 2013

As VIP members of the Procrastinator’s Club, we took it upon ourselves to sit and wait for the closing date of Singapore Biennale 2013 to draw dangerously near before finally heading down to the museums. Personally, the most memorable works include radioactive chandeliers, sugar diamonds and the rural Burmese classroom. We could only hope that Singaporean artists would have more notable artworks to showcase the next time around.


The U Factory

The U Factory will be stationed at Gillman Barracks from now until 26 Jan, featuring works from local designers and a Monocle pop-up store. Psst, it carries magazines like Cereal and The Travel Almanac at non-inflated prices!

The U Factory
37/38/39 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks, S(109452)
Open Tue-Sun: 11am-7pm

TLA x Lomography Singapore

Last Christmas, we had the chance to play with Diana F+ and Diana Baby 110 Gold Edition, all thanks to Lomography Singapore. We lit sparklers, roamed the streets of Orchard, and had a lovely brunch at Toby’s Estate. Everyone cooed at how tiny and pretty Diana Baby was, and what a great accessory it would make for parties and gatherings. Indeed, just look at this darling!

The pictures didn’t quite turn out as I’d hoped (due to my own inexperience, really), but it was fun going trigger happy with no idea how it’s gonna turn out. That’s the charm of lomography, isn’t it? Don’t think, just shoot. And all that anticipation leading up to the final reveal can be rather addictive!