The $5 Challenge

According to the Department of Statistics, 105,000 families in Singapore are earning on average $1,500 or less per month. After paying utilities, schooling, housing rental or loan instalments and medicals, they are left with about $5 a day for food and transport per family member. 

Only $5 a day for food and transport, do you think that’s possible? To find out, I took up the $5 Challenge, an online initiative by Singaporeans Against Poverty. Follow my journey on instagram to see how I fare.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far. (1) To save transport costs, I would need to find a job near where I stay. (2) Eating out is not an option. (3) It’s really hard to eat healthy on a shoestring budget.

My $5 challenge ends tomorrow. Honestly, I feel relieved that it’s ending, and I cannot imagine living like this every day. The cruel truth is it’s impossible to eradicate poverty in any society. But what can we do to minimise poverty, and help the poor gain social mobility?


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