Melbourne: Market Lane Coffee

Thursday Travels is a weekly column featuring sights and sounds from my wanderlust adventures. Come, fly with me, and we’ll explore strange cultures, exotic eats and everything in-between.

I’ve been rather slack in posting lately, which may be attributed to my new weekly schedule of running and yoga. Gotta shed those extra pounds before my jeans quit on me. It’s kinda masochistic, but I think it’s beautiful, the way perspiration glistens in the sun.

Located at a corner of Prahran Market, Market Lane Coffee is a beautiful and leisurely way of squandering a day away. A packet of their seasonal blend beans has me started on a morning coffee routine. Nothing beats waking up to the smell of fresh grounded coffee.

Market Lane Coffee
Shop 13 Prahran Market, 163 Commercial Road, South Yarra 3141
Open Tue: 7am-5pm, Wed: 7am-4pm, Thu-Sat: 7am-5pm, Sun: 8am-5pm


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