DIY: Polka-dotted Wrapping Paper

It’s less than one week to Christmas! Are your presents ready yet? Here’s a simple DIY to jazz up any plain old wrapping paper. Have fun!

You’ll need: a coin, a pencil, a ruler, a cutter, an eraser, an inkpad and a cutting board.

Step 1: Using a pencil, trace the outline of a coin onto the eraser.

Step 2: Make sure the circle sits nicely within a perfect square. This would make your life easier when stamping.

Step 3: Carefully cut along the circle’s circumference and remove roughly 5mm deep of rubber for clean stamping.

Step 4: Using pencil and ruler, make light markings to indicate where each dot should be. Remember to alternate the rows of dots. As a reference, I used a 10-cent coin, kept the dots 6cm apart and the rows 3cm apart.

Step 5: Start stamping away, and before you know it, your handmade polka-dotted wrapping paper is done!

Polka dots are surprisingly forgiving, don’t worry if the dots aren’t inked perfectly, or if the alignment goes off once in a while. After all, that’s the charm of all things handmade!


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