Penny University

Penny University is a new cafe serving beans from Oriole Coffee and Nylon Coffee Roasters, as well as pies from Windowsill Pies. Which begs the question: What’s the difference between pies and tarts? If it’s only a matter of having open or closed faces, then why do they sound so different from each other?

As we dug into the S’mores Pie (above), those inconsequential questions quickly gave way to a sweet, crumbly mix of chocolaty melt. Coffee (below) was smooth and lovely. As usual, 5oz for me, and 7oz for X.

And now, I should no longer deny my real purpose of visit: to hold and admire the beautiful letterpress works done by The Gentlemen Press. The coffee menu (below) was particularly impressive.

Good coffee, good desserts. This snug little waterhole sure makes us want to linger.

Penny University
402 East Coast Road, S(428997)
Open Tue-Fri: 830am-930pm, Sat-Sun: 830am-1030pm


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