Moonrise Kingdom

Sunny-Side-Up is a weekly column celebrating clear blue skies, fancy bookmarks and the snooze button. In other words, expect book/film reviews, DIY crafts and easy recipes for a lovely weekend.

Moonrise Kingdom was set in 1965, on a fictional island named New Penzence. The story tells of two troubled teenagers, both aged 12 years old, who fell in love and made a secret pact to run away into the wilderness together. Little did they know that a terrible storm was looming, promising to turn this peaceful island upside down.

I wish I had a few more drops of brain juice in me right now to expound on the film. But in general, the direction is brilliant. Styling, stunning. Cinematography, perfect. Storyline, well-executed. One of my favorite films this year. Intrigued? Watch the trailer below!

Sorry I took so long to share this film. I know, I know, it’s ending soon. But if you fancy a good quirky indie film, you’ve definitely gotta catch this.


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