Penang: Clove Hall

Thursday Travels is a weekly column featuring sights and sounds from my wanderlust adventures. Come, fly with me, and we’ll explore strange cultures, exotic eats and everything in-between.

Besides staying at 23 Love Lane, we also spent two nights in this gorgeous colonial mansion named Clove Hall. For this, we busted our budget for accommodation but I’m so glad we did it. Look at that clear, turquoise pool. Why did I forget the swimsuit?

Our favorite time of the day has got to be in the morning, as we sit idly by the pool, chewing on a wholesome breakfast spread (read: menu options complete with fruits, juice and tea/coffee). I could live with this every single day.

We stayed at the Clove Suite, a comfortably spacious and cosy bunk with an enormous bathroom. A consistent black and white theme runs throughout the mansion, complemented by wooden furnishings and old ceramics.

Look at these beautiful tiles, lining the floors of the bathtub. It’s so huge I almost attempted a swim. Even duckie hasn’t seen such a huge tub, haha!

Don’t worry, our housekeeper said, no one would be peeping at us in the buff.

Jo and Jim, the owners of Clove Hall, are very friendly hosts. They have a black poodle which is a ball of fun until it starts barking. The only down side is the mansion isn’t located at the core of Georgetown, so getting around may be a problem. But they’ve been very helpful with booking cabs for us, and laundry services are available too.

A great option for some quiet couple time, and cosy family getaways.

Clove Hall
11 Clove Hall Road, 10050 Georgetown, Penang,  Malaysia


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