Hermès: The Gift of Time

We certainly didn’t expect Hermès to be the first brand exhibiting at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. But considering their theme, The Gift of Time , TPRS turned out to be more than befitting.

Taking visitors through the passage of time, Hermès succeeded in projecting a distinct brand identity while not forgetting to incorporate their products into fantastical exhibits.

After the exhibition, you’d feel as if you’ve been to wonderland and back. My only grouse was perhaps it ended a little too soon. Perhaps beauty really is fleeting.

Along the railway tracks, pop-up stalls are stocked with old-school bites and nostalgic trinkets. Looking at this picture (below), I really should’ve bagged a few of my favorite biscuits!

Above are some pastries from Seng Cheong Bakery, opened by Daniel Tay of Bakerzin in tribute to his father’s bakery shop. And below is a cuppa named Wicked (read: espresso, chocolate, mint) from The U Café, in collaboration with The Plain

While you’re there, don’t forget to browse through the wonderful collection of international and local magazines at The U Café. The Gift of Time will be around from now until 12 August only, so hurry!

The Gift of Time
Tanjong Pagar Railway Station
From now till 12 August 2012, 11am-9pm daily


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