Henry Congressional

Henry Congressional is new pop-up store by the folks behind Smitten Coffee. It’s located at Henry Park Apartments which would become history very soon as the estate has been sold en bloc.

Warning: Numerous photos to follow. Blame it on the beautifully soft natural light coming through.

My cold drip coffee (above) was light-bodied with a clear citrus note. That day’s special was fried beehoon with luncheon meat (below). Feels almost like home.

We also shared a pot of Himalayan Darjeeling Tea. Look, loose leaves, yay!

Dark Cloud (above) was a double chocolate cookie which was soft, chewy, chocolaty and everything I wanted. Despite all the raves about their pandan chiffon cake, I was glad we chose the savory scones (below) instead. Baked to order, they arrived fresh and warm, cheesy and chivey. Tasty lil treats they were!

Say hello to X. While I’m flaunting the photographer’s wing in the reflection.

Henry Congressional will be around until Jan 2013 only. So do drop by and soak in the lovely neighborhood that is Henry Park.

Henry Congressional
44 Holland Grove Road, S(278813)
Open Wed-Thu: 8am-10pm, Fri: 8am-12am, Sat: 10am-12am, Sun: 10am-10pm


5 thoughts on “Henry Congressional

  1. Ahaha that’s a cute way of describing it — “photographer’s wing”. 😀 And totally true!

    I’ve heard about this place!! Really want to go check it out before it’s too late! And yumm I’ll definitely give the scones a try (along with the pandan chiffon cake).

    Lovely photos!! xx

  2. Btw, that’s a cute font you used for ‘ziggly zaggly sparkly’! which one is it? (unless it’s your actual handwriting; if so, that’s impressively neat and uniform! :p)

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