I’m still trying to get a hang of the Fujifilm x10 which tends to give an odd reddish tint. Well, I guess that’s the price to pay for succumbing to a point-and-shoot.

A big plus point, though, for petite cameras is that they draw far less attention. Oh, how many times have subjects turned away because they saw, from the corner of their eye, a long and daunting dslr lens zooming in at them?

Here’s a photograph shot at the newly opened Shop Wonderland along Haji Lane. I was trying to experiment with new photoshop actions, and I loved this sort of “rusty” treatment. Somehow, I’ve a thing for high-contrast, vintage-looking photographs.

What about you? Do you have a preferred style for your photographs? Or would you rather them to look au naturale?


5 thoughts on “/ex-peri-ment-al/

  1. That’s a really nice photo! 🙂 The reddish tint definitely helped with the roses.

    Ohh gosh I’ve always thought about those things when editing my photos. Most of the time, I still end up retaining most of the original features because I just want to keep things as authentic as they were. I still think I’d want my photography to be a representation of whatever happened at that moment, imbued with my own feelings/emotions as well. Which can be boring (?)/ not as exciting as some photos around but at the same time maybe it’s just because I’m not good enough at editing yet. ;p

    By the way, how do you upload your film photos onto the computer? Do you end up scanning them or something? I’ve been trying to figure that out. Excited to eventually develop some Holga film soon! ;p

    • Hi Lynette, I really admire photographers who can produce beautiful photos that “look” all natural — that takes real skill!

      Most film-processing shops nowadays offer scanning services, so you’d receive the developed photos along with soft-copies in a CD. Or you can always choose to scan them in yourself too. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Yes, definitely 😀 I’ve never tried developing photos with the CD but now that you mentioned it it sounds like the obvious way to get them on the computer. XD thanks!!

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