Nylon Coffee x Sadie Rose

Popped in Nylon Coffee Roasters last Saturday for a good dose of unpretentious coffee, along with some freshly baked goodies from Sadie Rose. Although it’s a one-day-only collaboration, it went so well they’re already looking into possible future collabs.

Nylon Coffee Roasters specializes in sourcing for beans and roasting them, which explains for the lack of seating and overly simplistic coffee menu. Black, white or iced — life is so much simpler this way, plus you’d get to enjoy full, unadulterated flavors from the beans.

The different sizes – 3oz, 5oz and 7oz – merely determines the amount of milk that goes into your cup. So, a 3oz would resemble a piccolo latte, 5oz a latte and 7oz a cappuccino.

Thanks X for the lovely photo above!

El Primero seasonal espresso is their first flagship blend available retail. Other beans are also available on occasion so do check out their facebook for updates.

The tiny shopfront was packed to the brim so we opted for takeaways instead. We had a 5oz each and loved the medium body with mild acidity and long toffee finish.

Over at Sadie Rose, half the bakes were gone when we arrived so we settled for a cinnamon roll, carrot cake and a lemon tart.

Why I love Sadie Rose so much (besides Sarah and Amanda’s bubbly personality) is probably because their bakes have a homely finish. None of those fancy-whancy, just unassuming yet oh-so-satisfying goodies.

Sadie Rose accepts customized orders too, so if you’re interested, find them here.

Nylon Coffee Roasters
4 Everton Park, #01-40, S(080004)
Open daily 830am-530pm


4 thoughts on “Nylon Coffee x Sadie Rose

  1. Hmm Heard that nylon’s owner(s) are from loysel’s toy..?! Love e design of e cups…! N ooh.. The cakes look Soo good….. I’m hungryyy

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