Seoul: Godabang Cat Cafe.

A friend of mine, who’s also a cat lover, brought us to this quaint little cat cafe near Konkuk University. And I swear I’ve never seen so many happy and well-groomed cats all together at once!

The entrance fee is a standard 8,000won (about S$9) which includes a drink. I chose hot chocolate and it’s pretty decent. Below is a list of dos and don’ts for guests, illustrated in a comical manner.

I think Scottish Folds (above) have the cutest ears ever. But it took me a little getting used to the Sphynx (below), which I thought resembled a piglet because of its pink skin.

Look at their expressions (!), I wonder what they saw??

There are other cat cafes in Seoul as well, and Godabang is a chain store with several outlets under them. The cafe is clean (doesn’t smell at all) and I think the cats here are, in fact, very fortunate to have people playing with them every day. Cat lovers would definitely love this place!

Godabang Cat Cafe
Near Konkuk University subway station
Open daily 1-10pm


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