Oriole Coffee Roasters.

We haven’t had a good coffee fix for such a long while that we were almost going cold turkey. So on one happy weekend, we decided to sip at awesome coffee, the Singaporean way.

Be warned, the following kaya toast and eggs may appear to be popping out at you, but that’s only because they were shot really close up. Otherwise, they are pretty harmless.

Perhaps I’m used to having picolo latte at Oriole, so my cappuccino seems to lack that extra oomph. But it was still good.

While the toast was average, the half-boiled free-range eggs were almost perfectly done. Just look at that egg yolk below! Omnomnomnom.

We also had a sinfully moist and rich slice of double chocolate fudge cake, which sadly wasn’t quite as photogenic. They also have traditional tau sar piahs and old-school butter cakes which I’d love to try on my next visit!

Oriole Coffee Roasters
10/10A Jiak Chuan Road, S(089264)
Open Tue-Sat: 830am-6pm, Sun: 830am-5pm


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