Grin Affair.

Grin Affair is a tiny dessert bar in Everton Park, a short stroll away from Duxton Hill. Though it’s barely four months old, it has garnered a loyal following — that means you gotta be prepared for takeaways as it offers very limited seating.

I couldn’t resist its lovely packaging, so we tried three flavors — Durian, Dark Chocolate and Strawberry. We loved the moose (rich, smooth and not too sweet), but found sponge cake a tad too rough.

In their bid to save the earth, customers are encouraged to return the glass jars. Plus, for every 10 jars, you’d receive a complimentary jar of dried cranberries!

Grin Affair
3 Everton Park, #01-77A, S(080003)
Open Mon-Sat: 12pm-8pm


One thought on “Grin Affair.

  1. thanks for recommendating this… i have since eaten so many diff flavours…. oh ya..i havnt exchange the coupon for my cranberries!

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