Moodboard Monday: Green Carpet.

Because Mondays are almost always blue,
a teeny bit of inspiration might just help smoothen things out.

follow your heart //via gaëlle villedary

optimism //via olly moss

pique your senses //via ferroux from afiq omar on vimeo.

Pardon me for the short post. It has been a crazy week.
Well, it’s Monday again so let’s do it (whatever that ‘it’ may be)! xoxo


One thought on “Moodboard Monday: Green Carpet.

  1. Reblogged this on theblurblock-age and commented:
    A blog with inspirations. The writer has been resourceful in searching for various creative sources and consolidated them to do her weekly moodboards. Some thing I look forwards to at the beginning of each brand new week. Its like I am a kid who have been surrounded by homework and tests. Woof! Someone offer a lollipop to cure my moodiness. At least that brighten a bit. A moodboard to cure moodiness. Thanks for sharing!

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