Ruen-Nuad Massage Studio.

Can you believe it? I still have photos unsorted from last year’s Thailand trip. 0.o

This is Ruen-Nuad, a massage studio stashed away on an unseeming street. We were drawn to its rustic appeal and hushed surroundings.

As featured on Wallpaper*.

Lockers for your belongings (above) and a cosy bar for after-massage drinks (below).

We were pretty satisfied with their level of skill, which did hit the right spots mostly. And a 90-min duration was just right for me. But of course, massage can be quite a subjective matter.

Male and female masseuses are available on request and it’s advisable to call for an appointment.

Ruen-Nuad Massage Studio
42 Convent Rd, Silom, Bangkok
Open daily from 10am-late
Call for appointment: 66-0-2-632-2662


4 thoughts on “Ruen-Nuad Massage Studio.

  1. Hi,

    Was wondering if you could please show me where this place is on google maps? I tried searching for this place using google maps and event went onto ‘street view’ but i just couldn’t find this house!! Pls help 🙂

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