Casual Days: Issue 0.1

We had first inherited a primitive urge to move from one place to another from our ancestors. They had, in the very early stages of humanity, migrated from continent to continent on foot, in search of food, survival, progress. Prosperity, eventually, then wealth beyond their needs (finally, their stomachs filled with money, they started to realize something: what they needed filling, now, were their hearts).
—Rebecca Toh

Casual Days is a local indie magazine published by Casual Poet Culture and spirited by Rebecca Toh. Every issue explores a specific theme, and their first issue launched early this year takes a journey around the world to discover the meaning of traveling.

I have heard that there are two ways to becoming a wise person. One is to travel out into the world and to experience as much as possible, never stopping at the same spot. The other way is to put your roots down in one place and study everything that happens there in as much detail as you can. 
—Carrie Yeo

—Meizi Luo

Increasingly, I’m not quite sure if technology is such a blessing after all. Along with the ease of knowledge acquirement comes a perceived responsibility to deploy found wisdom into some sort of goal and commitment.

Suddenly, I should be here and there, doing this and that, all at the same time. Am I living my life, or is my life playing me out?

Every city needs its own cult cafe, a sort of repository for a certain type of people to escape to and gather, chain smoke, exchange gossip, drink beer, relax, and — of course, talk about art.
—Rebecca Toh

Most of our memories are simply too elusive and too mysterious to be captured by something as physical as a camera. In fact, nothing can replace my memory, which is the best medium of all.
—Lin Weidong

Perhaps it’s all a balancing act. Finding that equilibrium at which we can live at peace with the world. Some photographers say they see through their cameras. But I think it’s important as well, to not be constrained within a 4:3 frame, to put down the camera and to experience.

Please pretend we have been to alot of places, intimate places.

A simple and honest print magazine about meaningful everyday experiences. If you’d love a copy, check out their stockists here in Singapore and selected countries in Asia.


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