Moodboard Monday: Spread the Love!

Author’s Note: For this week’s moodboard Monday, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite sites amassed from all over the www. Check out the Blogroll for more lovely links. xoxo

Freshly pressed, this inspirational online travel magazine makes me wanna pack up and jet off! //via wayfare magazine

Well-sorted recipes with great tips for baking newbies //via my baking addiction

Cafespotting in Singapore and all over the globe //via coffeetablepeople

Exploring film photography and the back alleys of Taipei //via curating cuteness

A refreshing whiff of fresh air, in Japanese zakka style //via life in the slow line

Quirky fashion statements and a splash of lively colors, sure to brighten up any dull day //via designlovefest

Danielle is a Singaporean food photographer based on California, tracing the roots of naturally good foods and the people behind them //via beyond the plate


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