OH! Occupy Tiong Bahru.

Author’s Note: This is the first set of photos from the new Fujifilm x10. NEX5 has, unfortunately, gone for a dip in the beaches of Krabi and thus died prematurely. So from now until the brother replaces NEX, I’ll be forced to choose between flat/dull images, or the burden of a full DSLR (sigh).

Open House (OH!) is into its third year running, and had decided to occupy Tiong Bahru — a quiet and relatively undisturbed neighborhood lined with distinct art deco architecture. It’s probably the only time we can go poking our nosy noses around other people’s homes in the name of art.

Kuih-Muih //Sokkuan Tye

Waste Management //Isabelle Desjeux

A tiny price tag, though, involves climbing up and down as there are no lifts in this area.

Sleeping Matah Puteh //Zhao Renhui

Heimlich //Jying Tan

Unconsciousness: Consciousness //Lavender Chang

I’m A Kway, You’re A Kway //Stephen Black

Mother Tongue //Green Zeng

The response was overwhelming (tickets were sold out by about 5pm) and thus we had to hurry from place to place to avoid delaying others. Wish we had more time looking at the artworks, and pondering over their significance. Nonetheless, it’s intriguing how art can be fused into a neighborhood, raising relevant issues and themes concerning it.


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