Moodboard Monday: Before I Die.

So she says, “Because Mondays are almost always blue,
and a teeny bit of inspiration might just help smoothen it out.”

what’s on your list? //via perfectbucketlist

“My grandpa doesn’t recognize me anymore, but he still smiles every time I show him this picture. I hope that deep inside he remembers how much I loved hanging out with him.” //via dear photograph

splash some pastel love //via creature comforts

papered walls //via catalina estrada

:0 //via casual poet

Live each day as if it’s your last. Carpe diem! ♥♥


One thought on “Moodboard Monday: Before I Die.

  1. set foot on all 7 continents and have a delightful breakfast everyday with loves one. but my life now evolving around works and money which is quite dot to me. hoping I can have no worry and enjoy what i am doing..that doesnt need to be luxury. just simple.

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