A Taste of Rainbow.

“Good girls are thin and smart and very, very beautiful. I don’t think I’m a good enough girl.”

Illustrated by Tan Wai Jia, A Taste of Rainbow was given complimentary with any purchase at BooksActually. It’s about a girl who loved ice-cream with rainbow sprinkles. But as she tried to fit into unrealistic standards of beauty, she gradually lost all her appetite.

Having overcome depression and anorexia herself, Tan Wai Jia wrote this book in hope of helping others in similar situations. It may be a long and winding road, but recovery from eating disorders is possible.

Something nearly all women would be able to identify with, whether or not you’ve encountered eating disorders personally. Dieting has become an everyday aspiration for many, and almost every televised beauty programs are dedicated to help women attain slimness, even if it means going unorthodox.

Here’s what I think: This overemphasis on being skinny (while retaining fuller than full boobs) is going many steps too far. It may sound cliché, but beauty is really about what’s within. After all, we’re all gonna grow old, ugly and wrinkly. And if that guy truly loves you, he’ll love you no matter how you look. Else, he’s not worthy of you.

“Beautiful child, what is beautiful is what the eye cannot see.”


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