Bangkok: Maeklong Railway Market.

Just steps away from Maeklong Train Station lies the iconic Maeklong Railway Market, which is probably the main reason why tourists would visit this laid-back town in Bangkok.

We arrived here via a private bus service from Victory Monument bus interchange, which is a walkable distance from Victory Monument BTS. The bus journey took about an hour.

Don’t be fooled, this boy is very serious about his job, with his stern face, and eyes fixed upon the incoming train.

The train would sit in the station for about an hour, and then depart promptly at 0620, 0900, 1130 and 1530hr. It is advisable to reach Maeklong around 1430hr and then leave for Amphawa Floating Market, if interested, right after the train departs. A day trip is sufficient to cover both places.

The locals are quite friendly, and perhaps accustomed to street photography. The market is a glimpse into their daily life — real and uncommercialised.

How ironic, to have a cat safeguard a fish stall, and hey, I didn’t realize there was someone peeping from behind!

It’s amazing how resourceful and adaptable people can be. And often, I do envy their carefree, unhurried way of life.

Minutes before the scheduled time of departure, vendors would start retracting tents and goods, just barely enough to avoid the oncoming train.

It was indeed a unique sight to behold, and just as we were amused by the experience, the locals were equally amused by our exclamations. That was when I felt something clicked. A shared moment and an exchange of smiles overcame any language barriers that may have been.


3 thoughts on “Bangkok: Maeklong Railway Market.

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  2. hi there, i chanced upon your post doing a search on the railway market. do you by chance have any idea to reach the market via public transport? When you hired a private bus service, how much did it cost you? Also, which agency/bus company did you go with?

    thanks! 🙂

    • Hi wenlin, I can’t remember how much was the ride, but I don’t think it was expensive. It took a short walk from the BTS station. They have a makeshift ticket booth and some stools around, and the mini buses depart every 20-30 minutes. Sorry I can’t provide detailed directions, my memory is failing me. But I hope this would help. 🙂

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