Bangkok: Vanilla Garden.

Vanilla Garden is the newest and probably the biggest establishment under the Vanilla Industry, comprising of three independent buildings — Sauce, Vanilla Café and Royal Vanilla.

We spent a lovely afternoon idling away at Vanilla Café, which serves Japanese and Italian food, reading and eating ourselves silly. It’s in cafés like these that lets you forget, albeit for a few hours, that you’re in busy, noisy, dusty Bangkok.

These mini potato croquettes were such delectable and comforting pops, they made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Their fried items were generally pretty well done, without any greasiness.

I absolutely adored my cold japanese ramen, with generous slices of fresh salmon and tako. Very refreshing on a sunny afternoon.

We certainly ate too much for any desserts after, but I’ve secretly vowed to visit their Siam Square branch on my next trip. Cooking lessons are available there too!

Cookbooks and various kinds of artistic literature are available at Sauce, a spacious two-storey bookshop.

Sandbags were stacked everywhere while we were there as a flood precaution. It is rather inaccessible so hiring a taxi is advised. Check out their other branches for more centralized locations.

Vanilla Garden
Ekamai 12, Sukhumvit 63, Vaddhana, Bangkok 10110
Open 11am-11pm daily.


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