Oromo Coffee | Letters from Burma.

Creamy caramel latte is a strong, full-bodied syphon coffee topped off with caramel and whipped cream. An absolute delight as rain starting pouring outdoors.

Chesse muffin may prove to be an acquired taste, but its soft and buttery texture was lovely nonetheless.

Oromo Coffee also offers a variety of beans and brew. My new coffee hideout amidst crazy deadlines and equally deranged clients.

*Update (17 Jan 2012): The second visit was disappointing with the coffee being too hot and a tad bitter. And most tables have been conquered by Subway diners.

Oromo Coffee
Shaw Towers Level 1, next to Subway.

Letters from Burma.

The man stripped of all props except that of his spirit is sounding not only the depths he is capable of plumbing, but also testing the heights that he can scale.

“Letters from Burma” was surprisingly light-hearted, with cultural references to everyday Burmese life. An interesting revelation, as there is so little information about Burma, or Myanmar, available around us.

The book was nonetheless laden with heavy emotions and, as the two country names suggest, an intense political struggle for basic democracy.

I wonder how many prisoners lie awake shivering through the night, how many of the older ones suffer from aching bones and cramped muscles, how many are dreaming of a hot drink and other comforts of home.

As democratic as we claim to be, Singapore is essentially authoritarian, and portions of Aung San Suu Kyi’s writing bear shuddering resemblance to our political plight.

Democracy basically means choice and political choice means the existence of more than one effective political party or force… To view opposition as dangerous is to misunderstand the basic concepts of democracy. To oppress the opposition is to assault the very foundation of democracy.

Aung San Suu Kyi and the little red riding hood. How apt, a brave lady battling the big bad wolf in a treacherous forest. I truly wish her all the best for the next elections.

‘You will be attacked and reviled for engaging in honest politics,’ pronounced the Hsayadaw, ‘but you must persevere. Lay down an investment in dukkha [suffering] and you will gain sukha [bliss].’


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