Chiang Mai: Morooms

Morooms is a boutique hotel in Chiang Mai with 12 rooms, each designed by a different artist according to an animal from the Chinese Zodiac. In fact the entire building is a piece of art in itself. And we got to stay in probably the most artsy pig’s sty ever!

Simply love the amount of natural light coming through every morning.

Say hi to our fellow piggy roommates.

The room is very spacious, with several seating areas and minimal partitions.

The open-concept bathroom is doorless, but you’re safe from prying eyes if your partner remains within the boundaries of the metal curtains.

There are also many cosy corners around for drinks, gossip or some diary-scribbling.

Staying at Morooms seems to slow down time. I’m beginning to love this unhurried pace of life. The only downside is the pool’s not maintained daily, and there’s no in-room wardrobe.

263/1-2 Tapae Road, Chang Klan, Muang, Chiang Mai 50100
Tel: 053 280 789


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