The Design Society Journal, issue 3.

Finally found time to go over this issue of The Design Society Journal. Printed by DominiePress, the journal is known for its experimental printing techniques. The silver finishings used on the cover are the type you’d find on scratch-and-win cards.

Another printer that was highlighted is The Royal Press, a 75-year-old printing press in Malacca. A good read on how old printing companies are coming to terms with modernization, yet preserving traditional print techniques.

An attempt to duplicate the previous issue’s cover using the letterpress technique.

Another interesting article is a documentation of political posters in Singapore from past to present.

PAP’s posters were generally sleek with a clear message, while the opposition’s were more cluttered. Whether design can affect the votes in a substantiated manner is debatable, but spotting younger facades of veteran politicians was definitely fascinating for me.


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