The Orange Thimble.

Opened for only about a month, The Orange Thimble is a few streets away from its crowded, high-profile neighbor, Forty Hands. So while others are flocking to Forty, Thimble is enjoying a relaxed cuppa pace with comparably good food and coffee.

Seating at Thimble is pleasantly spacious with partitioned corners and benches, suitable for both individuals and small groups. Iced water is provided for self-service, and jars are promptly refilled, a feature I find rather thoughtful and homely.

Their version of egg mayo sandwich comes with a toss of coriander.

I love the grilled creases..!

English breakfast was a hearty plate with a savory surprise — bacon baked beans!

I know I’ll be back soon. Hopefully before reviews and features push this waterhole up the ladders.

The Orange Thimble
Blk 56, #01-68, Eng Hoon St, Tiong Bahru.


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