Teatime Tuesday.

Almost every day I walk pass BeardPapa and the smell of freshly baked Choux a la Creme (cream puffs) is simply, simply irresistible. But have you tried their Paris-Brest?

If you think it’s just a donut, look again. It’s oozing all round with the vanilla goodness of their signature cream puffs! And try this if you’re like me, who’d make a mess of their usual puff, it’s much easier to hold and slurp.

Their strawberry frosting is a tad too sweet for me though, so perhaps I should try the earl grey flavor next time.

Just very recently, WhiteRoom has started selling popsicles from Popaganda! Made from all fresh and natural ingredients, these are easily two heads above the 7-11 icebox.

Lychee+Beet flavor. Naturally sweet with frozen lychee bits while beet gives a lovely pink hue.

37 Haji Lane, S189230


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