An Ode to Penguin.

An Ode to Penguin by Books Actually is a tribute to the flippant bird that has popularized countless classics, to be told and retold again.

It’s hard to express the strange sense of affinity that tied us all; a string woven with fictional protagonists and their varied exploits. Characters that we grew to love, hate, admire or despise, amassed to display how they have evolved, and yet stay the same.


CI guide for Penguin Books.

Literary rainbow love.

Penguins for sale by Books Actually.

The bane of my life, tote bags, now in a nerdy new coat.

Chanced upon a print making session with Joseph Chiang. These are some of his prints.

Demonstrating Linocut printing and Gocco printing.

Probably the two most well-liked birds for book lovers.

The Arts House
1 Old Parliament Lane, S179429


2 thoughts on “An Ode to Penguin.

  1. i really do love popping by your blog once in awhile. beautiful pictures with great places to introduce! 🙂 anyway, i wanted to support kenny & karen by visiting their new exhibition. Alas, work and exhaustion got the better of me and i wasn’t able to find the time to catch the exhibition. Nonetheless, am glad to be able to get peeks of the place through your blog! keep it going!

    • Thanks so much! I’ve come to explore and appreciate our tiny island much more after starting this blog too, and I love how the arts and culture is steadily gaining strength here. Thanks for dropping by! (:

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