Half a Yellow Sun | Salad Stop!

A wholesome bowl of Tuna San at Salad Stop!

Half a Yellow Sun.

We’ve all seen photos of starving children in Africa. Dark skinned, with stick-thin limbs and the iconic bulging bellies. It’s called kwashiorkor, caused by severe malnutrition particularly in protein. Only after reading this novel did I realize how little has been told of the story behind these starving children.

Based in the 1960s, about the events leading up to the Nigerian Civil War and the indignation of the Igbo people in face of war and massacre, Half a Yellow Sun reveals dark and ugly truth that was suppressed and distorted by western rulers at that time.

The novel relates of how intertwined lives struggle for their hopes, ideals and the most basic need of survival. Each time I read about such stories, I reminds me of what being a human means fundamentally, and that we’re all fortunate to be alive and safe.

Salad Stop!
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