Kult | Nth’

As I picked the two books up one after another, a curious suspicion flashed across. Are they really for free??! Perfect-bound with a substantial thickness, these cost a lot more to produce, compared to the likes of I-S, Catalog and Juice.

Kult, both their agency and magazine, is not new at all. In fact, this is the 6th issue of their quarterly publication. Themed “Animals”, it celebrates diversity in the animal kingdom while raising awareness regarding climate change and extinction.

Collaborating with illustrators worldwide, each illustration contains a fun fact about the animal.

The back cover. Recognize these logos? Local subscription is available at $24 for 4 issues. Otherwise, pick them up at selected local stores. I got mine outside A Thousand Tales.

Nth’: Beautiful Girls Book Singapore originated from Japan and this is their first issue produced and released in Singapore.

One of the main aims of this magazine is to uncover aspiring young models in Singapore, while introducing fashion and trends.

Collaborating with local photographers, makeup artists and fashion retailers, BGBS features quite a number of local brands too.

Pick up your copy at selected stores islandwide.


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