Melaka: The Stable.

My virgin trip to Melaka, and frankly, I was more excited about the lodging than the sightseeing. What’s unique about The Stable, besides its rustic contemporary style, is the exclusive privacy that not even hotels can compare.

This tiny 2-storey guesthouse admits 1-2 guests only at any time, which means that you have the entire space to yourself. You hold the keys to the house, thus there’s no curfew time, and it feels almost like home (save a nagging mother).

Complimentary newspapers (English/Chinese) by the door every morning. Sharen, the manager, would send a text too, asking if housekeeping is required and the advised timing. Thoughtful service without being intrusive.

Down-to-earth hustle and bustle of everyday life, which may get rowdy on pasar malam nights.

Level 1 constitutes a small living area, a pantry and the bathroom.

Fresh flowers by the bed.

Bedroom at level 2. Love the texture of unplastered walls.

Wash up by the basin upstairs for sleepy heads.

Intricate details that are unpretentious yet tasteful.

If you’re traveling in 3-4, you may consider its sister guesthouse, 45 Lekiu, which boasts of a roof garden and a private swimming pool.

The Stable
No. D, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 75200 Malacca, Malaysia.


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