The Steeping Room (Closed)

The Steeping Room is a pop-up store conceptualized by the people behind Papa Palheta and Loysel’s Toys. It showcases four quality coffee beans and the various methods of brewing them.

Beakers, bunsen burners, scientific weighing machine. This is not your regular cafe, but a coffee laboratory.

Pick your beans. We chose a full-bodied Sumatra Long Berry (commonly found in local cafes) and a light, floral Ethiopian Yirgacheffe for comparison.

Our guiding barista, Mellisa, demonstrating the syphon method for the Ethiopian beans while the Sumatran beans are put on a V60 dripper.

Appreciating the beans’ wet aroma.

I’m not a black coffee person, for fear of any bitter acidity. But the coffee was surprisingly pleasant without being overpowering. Think I’d be more open to drinking black from now on.

The Steeping Series is available for the Sumatran beans at $20, which includes a set of Royce’s white/milk chocolate. It’s very much like wine pairing, but in the coffee sense. Coffee shouldn’t overpower, but instead complement the flavors of our desserts.

Grab your beans, and all you need for home-brewing here. And if you haven’t already done so, do drop by for an eye-opening coffee experience. The Steeping Room will only be open till end July, so be quick!

The Steeping Room (Closed)
261 Waterloo St, #02-30, S180261
Opens Thurs-Mon: 11am-6pm.


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