Went to Sinema at Old School last weekend to catch PressPausePlay, a documentary film featuring several creators of the digital era, such as Moby, Seth Godin, and makers behind the Red Camera.

The inspiration behind the film is not a new idea. Online sharing slashed CD sales while promoting live concerts, a theory proven by Radiohead in 2007. And the proliferation of high-tech software at low costs has enabled the democratization of culture, making every one a photographer, a musician, a writer, or a filmmaker.

The question now is, will this democratized culture empower talented creatives who were previously restrained by cost and technology? Or will it drown the arts scene in a flood of amateur and mediocre works?

Another point that struck me was that with technology, we’re increasingly excusing ourselves for mistakes such as singing off-tune, underexposed photographs, etc., saying that these can be ‘fixed’ later on. Are we slacking off, and over-relying on technology?

I guess the take-home message is that artists now have to be better, more creative, and truly talented in order to stay afloat this flood. And sharing the cake with many other small parties would be a given fact that artists need to accept and adapt accordingly to thrive.

Indeed, times have changed.


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