Part 3 of 3: Tracks Abandoned.

Part three brings us to the abandoned railway tracks at Sunset Way. Climb up the slope between Clementi Arcade (The Daily Scoop) and the HDB flats, and you’d find the tracks.

“Danger, Keep Out.” Haven’t seen any signs of the tracks giving way, but please do be careful.

The tracks were part of the Jurong Line, which was built in the 60s to freight goods from Malaysia to then-developing Jurong Industrial Estate.

Following the line’s closure in the 90s, nature has since reclaimed the land.

Writing it down — does it make fleeting love seem more permanent?

Fear. The precise reason why we didn’t cross the bridge above troubled waters.

Overexposed lens flare. Almost surreal.

So marks the end of the railway series. There are many more spots in Singapore that would excite the railway fanatic, such as the railway crossing at Ten Mile Junction. But it’s enough tracking for me, so I’ve set sight on revisiting something more rustic. Shh.


2 thoughts on “Part 3 of 3: Tracks Abandoned.

  1. Heard from mum that there are tracks which can be explored around the queenstown n tanglin halt area too but of course safety first. =) and I love ur write up on the railway station series. Awaiting for ur next write up!!!

    • Thanks cal! Ya, there are stretches of tracks that can be explored now that they’re no longer in use. And I remember how it rumbles whenever a train passes through the tunnel beneath the Buona Vista bus stop. (:

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