Cats of the World (Unite).

For the 5th year running, the Cats of the World photo exhibition is going on now at The Arts House, featuring 50 photographs shot by 27 photographers all around the world. Fall in love with these fluffy creatures all over again, and try to spot the countries they are at, including Jordan, Japan, Greece, UK, etc.

All sorts of cat-themed merchandise were sold at the purrzaar, from stationery to plush toys and catnips.

Love this quote.

Exhibited photos were printed into postcards for sale.

And we chose this fat cat!

Gorgeous plushies available at Oatsie’s Trunk.

Meet the Smeowly Cats, stitched by local designer WahWah Leong.

All donations and proceeds goes to the Cat Welfare Society, a non-profit organization promoting responsible cat ownership.

Had the chance to meet Fareena, President of CWS, in the course of my work and was inspired by her dedication. She houses abandoned or abused cats in her own home, waiting for people to adopt them. And she’d also personally make sure that interested parties are responsible owners.

So if you want a pet, please adopt one.

Cats of the World
The Arts House, 2-30 June 2011, admission is free.

The Arts House
1 Old Parliament Lane, S179429

Cat Welfare Society
Email for enquiries.


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