Pluck (Closed)

Pluck has been around Haji Lane for many years now, being one of the pioneers that helped carve Haji Lane into what it is now.

Every now and then when I passed by the shops during lunch, I’m amazed at the high turnover rate of these independent retail stores. But to the few that stood the test of time, such as Pluck and SaladShop, I pray they’d stay just the way they are.

Besides retailing apparel, accessories and other knickknack, Pluck is also an ice-cream parlor offering homemade ice-cream and waffles.

Personal all-time favorite, Strawberry Cheesecake. ❤

Pluck (Closed)
31/33 Haji Lane, S189226


2 thoughts on “Pluck (Closed)

  1. The strawberry cheesecake ice cream looks really really goood!! Love the ‘gonna eat,eating,finished’ ice cream pics tt u combined together

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